Stovilmatic EDTA



Easy to rinse.
Especially for hard water.
High cleaning power.


Product Description

Very dirty plates with dried-on food are a problem when hundreds of them need to be washed quickly.
STOVILMATIC EDTA is a controlled-foaming alkaline liquid detergent with elevated degreasing power, which guarantees the complete and hygienic cleaning of plates, cutlery, pots and glasses. It easily eliminates dried residual food and all kinds of dirt, leaving dishware perfectly clean. Its elevated degreasing power ensures a perfect rinse without leaving residue or streaks. The elevated sequestering properties render it ideal in the presence of particularly hard water.

After filling with water, add a dose of STOVILMATIC EDTA to the dishwasher according to the following table: with soft water 0-15°F use 1 ml/l of product with water of average hardness 15-25°F use 2 ml/l of product with hard water over 25°F use 3 ml/l of product
Water hardness is expressed in French degrees (° F). Product dosage is particularly precise and constant if an automatic dosing pump is used.
Monthly descaling with DISINCROSTANTE LAVASTOVIGLIE guarantees clean and efficient machinery. During the summer months, or when necessary, the addition of BIOCLOR directly into the wash cycle guarantees hygiene and deodorizing.

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