P95 Wood Protector



Guarantees wooden surfaces elevated oil and water repellent properties.
Ensures efficient duration of the protective effect of between 1 and 3 years.
Facilitates successive cleaning operations


Product Description

P95 WOOD PROTECTOR is a highly technological concentrated sealer for natural wood. Particularly suitable for nautical teak and external furniture. Treatment with P95 confers the following properties: – water and oily dirt repellence – treated surfaces maintain their breathability – highly resistant to weather – forms a practically invisible nanometric film – a water-based formulation that is not harmful to users. ADVANTAGES: – long-lasting protection against humidity penetration – long-lasting protection against dirt – long-lasting protection against damage caused by weather and atmospheric agents – easy to apply – remains permanently active for 1-3 years (according to the dosage) – reduces microbiological contamination, containing the formation of mold.

The product must be applied on non-treated or sealed wooden surfaces. In the case of wood which has been treated normally with waxes or varnishes, sand before applying P95. The product must be applied with a brush, roller or spray (avoid the formation of thin aerosols). The average consumption on flat surfaces (wooden floors or furnishing surfaces) is 1.5 L of P95 per 10 m2 of the surface. With this dosage, very longlasting protection can be obtained, up to 3 years. Lower dosages will lead to a significant reduction in protection time. If a second coat is desired in order to obtain longer-lasting protection against the weather and sunlight, apply P95 wet on wet (the second coat applied before the first is dry).
Before applying P95 WOOD PROTECTOR it is necessary to clean the surface with a specific detergent for teak and wait until it dries. In order to guarantee the best results, it is recommended to apply the product at temperatures above 5°C and on surfaces which are not excessively heated by the sun.

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