Ready to use bathroom detergent.
Leaves bathrooms shiny with a pleasant fragrance.
Quickly eliminates limescale deposits.


Product Description

Practicality and ease of use are essential traits required of a product that must ensure maximum effectiveness and maximum results for daily cleaning. For this reason, many cleaning companies, hotels and health care facilities need ready to use solutions that optimise the amount of time dedicated to routine cleaning while eliminating the waste of both products and time in addition to dilution errors that often lead to unpleasant consequences. IP 40 Disincrostante is a ready to use liquid detergent, for the routine cleaning of bathroom fixtures, faucets, showers and tiles. Cleans quickly to eliminate limescale deposits while removing soapy residue, leaving surfaces sanitised and shiny without streaks. Leaves behind a pleasant scent with a feeling of cleanliness and hygiene. Ideal for cleaning locker rooms of sports centres, saunas and whirlpool tubs. IP 40 Disincrostante completes Allegrini’s IP line, a complete range of ready to use products formulated to ensure high quality and maximum practicality.

The product is ready to use. Spray the product on a cloth or directly on the surface to be cleaned. Leave on a few minutes to completely dissolve the limescale. Remove with the recommended cloth or sponge. Rinse to complete.
The clear instructions on the label make the product easy for operators to use, allowing them to work more efficiently, without errors or waste.

Additional information