Our Company

Since 1953 we have been dealing in the field of C o m m e r c e, trading a wide range of cleaning and chemical products, among others. Since the decade of 70’s, with the trade name “A l d I k”, in collaboration with acknowledged, certified and international houses, we have been offering high quality and specifications professional products.


Our primary aim is to offer the best services along with the best products. To this end, each and every customer of ours is an associate and, along with our partners aboard, we are on their side for every technical support, solution to problems pertaining our field, by offering our suggestions, solutions and innovative quality products which are environmentally friendly to the greatest extent. The multiple quality certifications attributed to the products offered, which hold a prestigious position in the market, guarantee our high quality.


Our personnel are available to our customers by offering specialized products for the maintenance, care, wash either by hand or professional of C a r s, through a wide range of products efficient enough to respond to the most demanding test. In addition, we also offer an ultramodern, technologically advanced range of goods for the maintenance and care of
B o a t s and yachts. Moreover, there are also products for daily use of households, H o t e l s, restaurants, F o o d  I n d u s t r i e s    and market places, C l e a n i n g,   D i s i n f e c t i o n and D e t e r g e n t s (against dust or odors).

Environmentally Friendly Products

Our company which is respectful to the environment and nature has also contributed to the field of the food industry with disinfectants, supplements, cleaning, and sanitizing products.

Fundamental Cornerstones


High quality – Value for money products

After long lasting and continuous research, we can respond to our customers’ needs by offering  V a l u e   f o r   M o n e y   P r o d u c t s.