P28 Emulsio



Stain-resisting and repellent oil for porous surfaces.
Preserves the original aspects of surfaces.
Facilitates the removal of stains in the following cleaning operations.


Product Description

P28 EMULSIO stain-resisting and repellent oil for stone and porous surfaces, based on aqueous emulsion of acrylic fluoride copolymers. This colourless product is ready to use and easy to apply, it quickly dries and deeply penetrates into the pores and veining, ensuring the “grip” effect also in case of wet, avoiding dangerous slipping. The special formulation easy to clean, impedes to dirt to anchor to surface, facilitating stains removal also in the following ordinary cleaning operations. P28 EMULSIO is ideal for the treatment of natural or artificial stone surfaces that present porosity and capacity to absorb like: sandstone, stone agglomerates, concrete square stone, clinker, cotto tile, granite, marble, porphyry cobbles, cement, bricks and also wall paints made of silicate and calcium cement.

It is recommended to act on a clean and dry surface. Apply the product through spread wax equipment, nebulizer or brush. After it, it is necessary to repeat the operation but the surface must be still wet. The average yield is 8-15 m² of surface per litre of product, depending on the porosity of support. Let it perfectly dry (6/8 hours).
P28 EMULSIO ensures to the treated surface an efficient protection for over ten months. Odourless product, free of surfactants, based on aqueous emulsion. It is ideal for the treatment of internal surfaces and indoor areas.

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