Puliscitutto Special Universale



Thoroughly cleans even the most stubborn stains thanks to its excellent degreasing power.
Practical, no need to rinse.
Ideal both for every-day and special cleaning.


Product Description

Some types of dirt, due to their nature, often prove difficult to remove. For this reason, many cleaning companies and industrial sectors, in general, need specific products for these situations.
PULISCITUTTO SPECIAL is a fast-acting universal degreaser and polish. This product thoroughly cleans even the most stubborn stains, guaranteeing exceptional cleanliness and shine.
PULISCITUTTO SPECIAL is ideal for both every-day and special cleaning.
In kitchens and food production it is particularly suitable for the daily removal of dirt, grease and oil from extractors, filters, equipment and all cleanable surfaces. It is also extremely effective in the removal of ink, pen or biro marks from desks, tiles, ceramics, formica, plastic, glass, appliances, stainless steel, windows and doors, and all hard surfaces

Ready to use product. Using a hand-spray, spray the product evenly on the surface to be cleaned from a distance of 20-25 cm. Wipe with a suitable cloth. On persistent ink stains, leave on for 20-30 seconds. To clean computer keyboards, it is recommended to spray onto a cloth and then wipe, in order to avoid infiltration of the product. No need to rinse.
Before using, testing the compatibility of the product with the surface to be treated is recommended on a small area. Follow the contact times indicated in the directions.

Additional information