P28 Protector



Anti-stain, oil and water repellent sealer for porous surfaces.
Preserves the original condition of external paving.
Favors the removal of stains in successive cleaning operations.


Product Description

Particularly porous external paving can, over time, suffer from damage and alteration of colour due to its capacity to absorb dirt and other substances derived from weather conditions. P28 PROTECTOR is an anti-stain, oil and water repellent sealer product for stone and porous surfaces with fluorinated copolymers. The product is ready to use and easy to apply; it dries quickly, penetrating deep into pores and veins. It creates an invisible film on the surface which is resistant to UV radiation and has long-lasting anti-stain properties, guaranteeing the natural transpiration of the material without yellowing. Its special easy-to-clean formula prevents dirt from anchoring to surfaces, favouring the removal of stains even in successive every-day cleaning operations. P28 PROTECTOR is ideal for the treatment of external surfaces in natural or artificial stone which are porous and prone to absorbing, such as, for example, sandstone, cultured stone, unfinished concrete, klinker, terracotta, granite, marble, porphyry, concrete, bricks, tiles and even silicate-based wall paints and calcium cement.

Work on previously cleaned and dried surfaces. APPLICATION WITH A BRUSH Spread evenly and generously with a soft brush, seeking to avoid the formation of foam and bubbles. Any imperfections can be treated locally with a cloth soaked with the product. If a second coat is required, it is advisable to apply it when the first coat has not yet dried completely. APPLICATION WITH A SPRAY Spray evenly and generously on surfaces and leave to dry. Avoid the formation of foam and bubbles. Any imperfections can be treated locally with a cloth soaked with the product. The product covers on average between 8 – 15 square metres per litre according to the porous nature of the surface.
P28 PROTECTOR guarantees effective protection for treated surfaces for a number of months. Also particularly suitable for the preservation of antique paving.

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