Manibel Pasta Bianca



A cleaning paste with elevated degreasing properties.
Elevated emulsifying action strengthened by an abrasive base.
Ideal for hands soiled with grease, oil, ink, tar, soot, resin, etc.


Product Description

The cleaning of hands in mechanical workshops often proves difficult due to the more difficult dirt to be removed, such as grease residue, oil, tar, ink and paint. MANIBEL PASTA BIANCA is an abrasive hand-cleaning paste with elevated degreasing characteristics.Ideal for workshops, it is capable of efficiently eliminating the most stubborn dirt from hands, leaving the skin soft, thanks to the presence of active emollient substances. The light abrasiveness guarantees excellent cleaning results without blocking drains. The tub with its wide opening allows the practical serving of the pasta by the operator.

Do not wet hands first. Take the desired amount of paste into the palm of the hand and rub energetically. Dampen hands and continue to rub. Rinse carefully.
The elevated degreasing capacity and the emulsifying action of Manibel render this product ideal for various activities which require manual labor such as tire specialists, car washes, DIY, artisans, and general industry.
The high degreasing capacity and the emulsifying action of MANIBEL PASTA BIANCA makes this product ideal for various activities which involve manual labour, such as tyre specialists, car washes, DIY, artisans and general industry.

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