Lavaggio Cassonetti Manuale



A deodorizing sanitizing detergent.
Deep cleansing and hygiene.
Contains pine oil.


Product Description

Cleaning with a detergent is not enough to remove odours and sanitise containers for refuse collection, above all those for organic waste.
LAVAGGIO CASSONETTI MANUALE is a special formula with powerful detergent characteristics, a wide-ranging sanitising action and an elevated deodorising effect for the cleaning of rubbish bins and vehicles used for the collection and the transportation of waste.
It can also be used in refuse collection areas for the cleaning of tiled floors and surfaces.

Dilute the product at between 2% and 10% in water according to the level of dirt to be removed. Using a spray, distribute the product evenly over the entire area to be cleaned. Rinse with either hot or cold water with a high-pressure water jet.
The product can be used drawn directly in a high-pressure water jet: regulate the drawing at between 2% and 4% in water. Rinse with water.
During the summer months, rinse the surfaces to be treated in order to cool them and do not allow the product to dry on painted and galvanized surfaces in order to avoid any damage.

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