Ecolabel Vetri



Quickly cleans windows and glass.
It does not leave streaks.
It leaves a pleasant fragrance.


Product Description

Some surfaces, such as windows and glass, often prove to be very difficult to clean. The elimination of marks, fingerprints, and streaks can often require time and effort without bringing the best results. ECOLABEL VETRI is a non-rinse liquid detergent with a base of surfactants of natural origin, with excellent emulsion properties for dirt. It guarantees efficient cleaning without leaving streaks. Particularly suitable for the washing of windows, mirrors, and glass, both in bathrooms and for boat portholes.
A product formulated specifically in order to satisfy the strict criteria for the Ecolabel EU brand imposed by the European Union Commission with the aim of reducing the use of substances that are harmful to the environment and guaranteeing a high level of performance which is equivalent to the same class of non-ecological products.

Ready-to-use product. Spray onto the surfaces to be cleaned and wipe with the indicated cloth or accessories.
Use the product with the recommended cloth or equipment.

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