Jaminal Plus



Concentrated sanitizing detergent based on quaternary salts of ammonium.
Usable on any surface and compatible with all materials.
Cleaning and hygiene in a single low cost operation.


Product Description

Deeply cleaning is not always sufficient to guarantee a high hygiene degree. The use of a broad spectrum sanitizing significantly decreases the possibility of contamination.
JAMINAL PLUS is an odourless concentrated sanitizing detergent. The formula includes surfactants, alkalizing, sequestering and quaternary ammonium salts specific for cleaning and sanitization of general hard surfaces. It is possible to clean and break down the residual bacterial load from tiled, steel, glass, aluminum, plastic surfaces in a single operation. Suitable for kitchens, swimming-pools, gyms, toilets, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, beauty shops and in any circumstances where it is required the use of broad spectrum sanitizing.

As a general rule, the user solutions are prepared and consumed every day. Spray or apply through sponge JAMINAL PLUS solution on surfaces, leave on and then rinse.
At 20°C temperature and a dilution of 4% (40 g/L) the recommended contact timing are:
Bactericidal effect in 5 minutes Fungicidal effect in 15 minutes Virucidal effect in 30 minutes Sporicidal effect in 30 minutes
It is recommended to use the diluter indicated on the technical data sheet in order to guarantee the correct dilution and a perfect cleaning and sanitization result.

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