Ecolabel Brillmatic



Also effective with hard water.
Ensures sparkling and dry dishware.
Made with vegetable-origin surfactants.


Product Description

According to the HACCP sanitising program, after every wash carried out with a dishwasher, it is necessary to pay the utmost attention in order to not contaminate the clean dishware with dirty and non-disinfected cloths. For this reason, it is necessary to use a specific product for the drying cycle for dishware, plates, and glasses, rendering manual finishing unnecessary. ECOLABEL BRILLMATIC is an ecological rinse and drying aid which allows for the perfect drying of dishware by facilitating the running-off of water and inhibiting the formation of marks, limescale stains, and white streaks. It acts during the rinse cycle, guaranteeing sparkling and dry dishware every time, restoring plates and glasses to their original splendor. Formulated for the mechanical washing of dishware, it is essential in glass washing machines. The presence of acid sequestrants renders it particularly effective in the presence of hard water.
A product formulated specifically in order to reduce the use of substances that are harmful to the environment and guaranteeing a high level of performance which is equivalent to the same class of non-ecological products.

ECOLABEL BRILLMATIC must be mixed with the water for the final rinse: with soft water 0-15°f, use 0.3 ml/L of the product with water of medium hardness 15°-25°f, use 0.4 ml/L of the product with hard water > 25°f, use 0.5 ml/L of product
For the best results, it is necessary to install the dedicated automatic dosage units which guarantee the correct dosing.
If used following the correct procedures, ECOLABEL BRILLMATIC contributes to reducing water pollution and the production of waste. Dose according to the level of dirt and water hardness. Follow the directions. In order to ensure the maximum efficiency of the rinse aid, it is important to regularly check the rinse water pressure of the dishwasher and temperature of the boiler.

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