Descal Super



Allows the descaling without corrosive phenomenon.
It has detergent properties.
Specific product for the dissolution of inorganic residues


Product Description

The accumulations of limestone cause different inconvenient, including: waste of energy due to their thickness that decreases the thermal exchange; corrosion of materials; clog of filters, pipes, pumps, tanks; diminution of the duration and operation of the equipment; deterioration of hygienic conditions of the surfaces.
DESCAL SUPER is a specific product for the dissolution and removal of inorganic residues such as oxides, limestone, rust from surfaces of industrial plants and equipment of the food industry. It allows the descaling on materials such as steel, iron, copper, brass and aluminum.
Besides its descaling power, DESCAL SUPER has detergency properties able to remove greasy residues that would obstruct the dissolution of limestone deposits.
It can be used in various production companies in order to descale pipes, boilers, evaporators, heat exchangers, radiators, hot water heaters, cooling systems, power stations, pressure washers, etc.

For the washing into machines or equipment with automatic cycles, use solutions at 1-5%. To descale limestone from boilers and heat exchangers, use solutions at 5-10%. Circulate the cleaning solution using a pump and collection containers of acid-proof material. For these operations, it is advisable to have vents for the presence of vapors that may form. For descaling surfaces in general, it is possible to proceed with manual methods by diluting the product up to a maximum of 50%. The temperature of use is between the environmental and 50 °C, while the contact time depends on the quantity to descale. When the operation is finished, rinse abundantly and if required, neutralize with an alkaline product.
Do not use on surfaces sensible to acidity such as marble.

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