Maniguard Gel Complete



A hand-cleaning gel with elevated degreasing properties.
An elevated content of glycerine and humectant substances.
Leaves the skin soft and pleasantly scented.


Product Description

The cleaning of hands in the zootechnic sector often proves difficult due to the particularly challenging dirt to remove. However, products used to eliminate residues of grease, oil, tar, ink and paint are very often too aggressive and their regular use proves all too often to be extremely damaging for hands, causing painful chapping, sometimes leading to serious dermatitis.
MANIGUARD WHITE GEL COMPLETE is a complete hand-cleaner with micro-abrasive action which efficiently eliminates the most difficult-toremove dirt while moisturising the skin of the hands. Its innovative formulation offers elevated degreasing and emulsifying properties which render this product ideal for mechanical tasks, for hands soiled with grease, oil, ink, tar, soot, resin, etc. The elevated content of glycerine and humectant substances, the highlight of this product, leaves the skin soft and pleasantly scented, as well as protecting from chapping.

Do not wet hands first. Take the desired amount of gel into the palm of the hand and rub energetically. Dampen hands and continue to rub. Rinse carefully.
The dosagel pump, specifically for this particularly dense product allows for practical dosing of the gel in the right quantity and with respect for hygiene regulations in force.

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