Brillmatic 3



Super-concentrated formula.
Perfect with hard water.
Made with surfactants of vegetable origin.


Product Description

According to the HACCP sanitizing program, after every wash carried out with a dishwasher, it is necessary to pay the most attention in order to not contaminate the clean dishes with dirty and non-disinfected cloths. For this reason, it is necessary to use a specific product for the drying cycle for dishware, plates, and glasses, rendering manual finishing unnecessary.
BRILLMATIC 3 is a super-concentrated liquid acid rinse aid additive specifically for the drying cycle for dishware, plates, and glasses, to be used in professional dishwashers fitted with automatic dosing systems. BRILLMATIC 3 allows for the perfect drying of dishware with water of all levels of hardness, preventing the formation of lime scale stains, restoring plates and glasses to their natural shine even with low doses.

BRILLMATIC 3 must be mixed with the water for the final rinse cycle, with an average dosage of 0.20 ml/L for a water of a medium level of hardness. Dosage increases with an increase in water hardness. In industrial-type dishwashers, above all with passthrough or tunnel dishwashers, it is advisable to install the dedicated FM3 Risto dosage unit.
In order to guarantee the best results with the rinse aid, it is important to regularly check the water pressure for the rinse cycle of the dishwasher and the temperature of the boiler.

Additional information