Ecolabel Sgrassatore Concentrato



Concentrated liquid detergent for every-day use.
Ideal on a very wide range of surfaces.
It leaves a pleasant floral fragrance in the air.


Product Description

Guaranteeing the best cleaning results in a practical and efficient manner is one of the principal requirements of many cleaning companies and activities in general. ECOLABEL SGRASSATORE CONCENTRATO is a low-viscosity liquid detergent with a high level of cleaning power. Used daily it removes all stains, guaranteeing impeccable results. The special formula renders this product universal, ideal for a vast range of surfaces such as plastic, hard and painted surfaces, and surfaces in stoneware, formica, marble, and steel. In the recommended dilutions, the dermo-protective substances render it safe and non-irritating for hands. Its pleasant fragrance releases a light scent of orchids in the air.
A product formulated specifically in order to satisfy the strict criteria for the Ecolabel EU brand imposed by the European Union Commission with the aim of reducing the use of substances that are harmful to the environment and guaranteeing a high level of performance which is equivalent to the same class of non-ecological products.

Recommended dilutions: 0.5% Apply with a spray, sponge or cloth. Wait for a few minutes. Rinse with water. For the manual cleaning of floors, it is possible to leave the product without rinsing.
The recommended dosage allows for savings and a reduction in environmental impact.

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