Odour Neutralizer



Triple action: neutralizes, sanities and deodorizes.
Easily eliminates unpleasant odours, leaving a pleasant floral fragrance.
Can be used on fabrics


Product Description

Closed, poorly ventilated interiors such as trains, undergrounds, trams and buses are just a few of the places where the problem of odours is all too well known.
ODOUR NEUTRALIZER is a liquid deactivator for the effective breaking down and complete neutralisation of odours. The molecules which cause odours are captured by the formula’s special components and neutralised in order to get to the root of unpleasant smells such as: smoke, refuse, toilets, industrial processes etc. The formula can also be used on fabrics and materials in general. Sprayed in the air, it easily eliminates unpleasant odours of all kinds, leaving a pleasant fresh and clean fragrance. Its special formula contains an active ingredient (quaternary ammonium salts) which ensures the sanitisation of the air.

While pointing the nozzle upwards, spray the product into the interior in relation to the volume of the area and the persistence and strength of the odour to be neutralized. If praying onto fabrics, keep a distance of no less than 40-50 c.
Sprayed into car interiors, it refreshes fabrics and leaves a delicate, longlasting perfume.

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