Dry Car New



A high-quality product.
Forms a thin water-repellent film on the bodywork.
Aids the drying of the vehicle.


Product Description

In order to obtain the best results, the drying of a vehicle after cleaning operations is an essential stage. DRY CAR NEW is a brightening wax with a base of high-quality cationic surfactants and paraffin oils, specifically for use in automatic car washes fitted with forced-air drying systems. It forms a thin waterrepellent film on the bodywork, aiding and accelerating drying. Rinse water quickly forms into drops which the fans then rapidly blow away. The film left on the vehicle renders it shiny and protects the bodywork from atmospheric agents.

For systems fitted with electronic dosing pumps: Use the wax neat. Set drawing to between 15 and 25 grams of product per vehicle. The optimum quantity depends on water hardness, the type of system (rinse method, spraying method) and atmospheric conditions (temperature, humidity). Carry out practical trials to determine the ideal level.
The excellent stability at low temperatures close to 0°C, and the positive levels of compatibility with water of medium hardness allows for unbeatable performance in winter and with systems using water of a hardness of between 15 and 20F°.

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