Maxisan Super



Sanitising detergent.
Guarantees the cleanliness and hygiene of all types of surfaces and floors.
Leaves behind a fresh, clean scent.


Product Description

Thorough cleaning is not always enough to guarantee a high level of hygiene.
MAXISAN SUPER is a sanitising detergent, ideal for cleaning and sanitising floors, tiles, and any washable surface in just one step. Cleans deep-down, leaving behind a fresh, clean scent. Particularly recommended for the daily cleaning of floors and hard surfaces in all types of public areas.
Contains glutaraldehyde, with a broad-spectrum bactericidal action against gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, fungi and yeasts. Its sanitising properties are combined with an intense cleaning power, in an easy to rinse, highly biodegradable formula.

To clean floors and tiles: dilute 50-100 ml of MAXISAN SUPER in 5 L of water. Wash the surfaces, allow to dry.
For particularly soiled surfaces (sinks, toilets, etc.) or for deep-down sanitising: dilute 60/80 ml in 1 L water. Spray directly on surfaces or wipe with a sponge soaked in the solution. Rinse.
When used at 10% strength, this is an excellent sanitising detergent for deodorising dog kennels. The intense fragrance makes MAXISAN SUPER ideal for areas where foul odours need to be eradicated.

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