Joly Professional Vaniglia / Talco / Mela / Agrumi



Excellent polishing properties, without leaving surfaces greasy.
Excellent water repelling and dust repelling effect.
Leaves behind a pleasant fragrance.


Product Description

Cleaning the dashboard and plastic parts of the interior of a vehicle is a fundamentally important operation in maintaining the vehicle in excellent condition and in preventing the build-up of dust and impurities.
JOLY PROFESSIONAL SPRAY is a multi-use spray with excellent polishing properties. It guarantees maximum protection for treated surfaces and leaves a thin water and dust repellent film. It lubricates parts which are subject to friction, and hinges and levers, and also protects starter mechanisms and battery contacts from humidity. It polishes and protects vehicle dashboards and door sills. Leaves behind a pleasant scent.

Spray evenly over the surfaces to be treated from a distance of approximately 20 – 25 cm. Spread evenly with a soft dry cloth. If used to lubricate parts subject to friction, spray repeatedly on the area in question.
It is recommended to open car doors during the distribution of the product inside the car.

Additional information