Inox Ok Spray



Cleans, polishes and protects.
Solvent-free, HACCP compatible.
Fragrance-free formula without silicones.


Product Description

The need to clean steel quickly while leaving behind a polished surface, without the use of silicones or solvents, is prevalent especially in places where food is handled.
INOX OK spray is a special product for cleaning and polishing stainless steel quickly and easily. Water-based formula that is solvent-free and odourless. Removes dust, fingerprints, oily streaks and all types of dirt. Ideal for cleaning and polishing steel finishes, refrigerator doors, and cold stores, dishwashers, ovens, conveyor belts, cabinets and doors, hoods, various fixtures, elevators, handrails. It can also be used on aluminum, chromium, copper, and alloys.

Shake can well before use. Apply the product onto the surface from a distance of about 25 cm, applying with small sprays. Distribute and polish with a clean, dry cloth until polishing is complete.
For heavily soiled surfaces, it is recommended to clean them with a specific detergent before treating with INOX OK.

Additional information