Go-Go Blu



Facilitates the drying of vehicles in automatic car washes.
Forms a protective layer over bodywork which brings shine to the paintwork.
Possesses elevated hydrorepellent and hydrophobic properties.


Product Description

In order to obtain the best results, the drying of a vehicle after cleaning operations is an essential stage. GO-GO BLU is a brightening-hydrophobic wax for the drying of vehicles after the wash stage in automatic systems fitted with forced ventilation. Ideal for waxing/drying stages in self-service areas. Correctly dosed and sprayed onto the bodywork of a previously-washed vehicle, it allows the instant break-up of the water layer into drops which are easily eliminated by forced ventilation. It forms an invisible, non-greasy layer on the bodywork which is highly protective and hydrorepellent and which brings shine to the bodywork.

For systems fitted with electronic dosing pumps: use the wax neat. Set drawing to between 20 and 30 ml of GO-GO BLU per vehicle.
Car washes with Venturi-type dosing systems: dilute GO-GO BLU to 5% with water (0.5 litres of product for every 10 litres of water). Set drawing to a dosage of approximately 400/600 ml of wax for every wash cycle.
In Self-Service areas: set drawing of GO-GO BLU to approximately 15 ml for each waxing cycle.
The optimum quantity depends on water hardness, the type of system (rinse method, spraying method) and atmospheric conditions (temperature, humidity). Carry out practical trials to determine the ideal level.
When cleaning bodywork, it is advisable to work in the shade and on cool surfaces. Rinse the product quickly to avoid the drying of the product on the cleaned surface. Do not leave the product in contact with aluminium or light alloys in order to avoid staining and opacity. Respect the indicated levels of dilution and do not leave in excessive contact with surfaces.
The excellent stability at low temperatures close to 0°C, and the positive levels of compatibility with hard water allows for unbeatable performance in winter and with systems using hard water.

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