Ecolabel Piatti



Not perfumed: complies with EU Ecolabel criteria 2017-1214.
Safe for hands.
Ensures clean and sparkling dishware.


Product Description

In order to obtain sparkling dishware without irritating the hands, it is advisable to use a neutral liquid detergent for the manual washing of dishware, pans, cutlery, and glasses. ECOLABEL PIATTI contains highly foaming and degreasing surfactants of natural origin with an excellent dampening effect and dispersive power against dirt. In the recommended dilutions, the presence of dermo-protective substances, and the neutrality of the product rendering it safe and non-irritating for hands.
A product formulated specifically in order to satisfy the strict criteria for the Ecolabel EU brand imposed by the European Union Commission with the aim of reducing the use of substances that are harmful to the environment and guaranteeing a high level of performance which is equivalent to the same class of non-ecological products.

In order to save water and energy, and obtain efficient cleaning, it is recommended to immerse plates and dishware into hot water, avoiding the use of running water, and using the recommended dosage.
Recommended dose for 5 litres of water: Normally dirty plates: with soft water (0-15°f) – 12ml of product with water of medium hardness (15°25°f) – 14 ml of product with hard water (>25°f) – 16ml of product Dirty plates: with soft water (0-15°f) – 16ml of product with water of medium hardness (15-25°f) – 18ml of product with hard water (>25°f) – 20ml of product.
Pour a dose of ECOLABEL PIATTI in preferably hot water and mix well to facilitate dissolving and the formation of foam. During the washing of dishware, it is advisable to use a sponge suitable for the type of washing. The recommended dosage allows for savings and a reduction to a minimum of the environmental impact.

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