Allegrini 123



High final brilliance.
Quick polishing and low consumption.
Removes sanding marks, polishing at the same time.

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Product Description

Car polishing often requires a great engagement of time and energy expenditure. ALLEGRINI 123 is an abrasive and polishing gel, single operation, formulated by innovative raw materials, in order to definitely remove painting flaws of small and big size (P1500-2000) such as sanding marks, carwash scratches, paint oxidation, etc.
Studied and developed for quick and clean use, without rinsing. It removes the small imperfections with a single operation, leaving a high final brilliance. ALLEGRINI 123 restores shiny to matte and oxidized paints with simple operations. It allows to immediately see the flaw removal. Usable as “One Step” single cycle. Suitable for all types of paints: acrylics, water-based, high solid, bicomponents, mono-components, OEM scratchproof paints included. It does not contain silicone nor ammonia.

Use the product with a variable contact white pad or wool pad in order to obtain the best results in terms of abrasive action. Shake well before the use. Apply a reasonable quantity of ALLEGRINI 123 on the treated surfaces or directly on the pad. Wipe well and start the polishing at medium speed (1200/1800 cycles), applying medium pressure. Work on small areas per time. Limit the pressure to accentuate the polishing action. Then remove eventual residues thought microfiber cloth. Use a black pad to obtain the best final brilliance.
The best results are obtained working with the polishing machine.

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