Super Az



High degreasing power.
Quickly removes every type of dirt.
Strong sequestering and dirt dispersing properties.


Product Description

The external washing of vehicles is often difficult without the aid of brushes, especially when it is present the most stubborn dirt. SUPER AZ is the alkaline detergent for the external washing of vehicles through nebulizer system or high pressure washer; ideal also for the pre-washing before entering the carwash tunnel. It is ideal for the cleaning of trucks, tankers, cars and tarpaulins without the use of brushes. SUPER AZ quickly removes dust, pollution and every kind of dirt due to the high degreasing power. Its formula facilitates the optimal rinsing, ensuring the best result.

Washing without brushes: Dilute the product 1:30 – 1:50 with water and spray homogenously on surfaces to be cleaned, always from the bottom to the top. Rinse with high pressure. In case of dirt such as mud, it is recommended to rinse before entering the carwash tunnel.
Pre-washing vehicles before entering the carwash tunnel: Dilute the product 1:60 – 1:100 with water; nebulize homogenously and let the vehicle enter in the tunnel. In case of dirt such as mud, it is recommended to prewash with high-pressure water before entering the carwash tunnel in order to prevent scratches on the paint.
Washing with vacuum system: Dilute 1:10 – 1:30 with water. Regulate the dosage of the vacuum system, operate at 60°-70°C temperature. Then wipe homogenously the surface and rinse.
The considerable degreasing power of SUPER AZ allows its use also in industrial field, ensuring a perfect cleaning of industrial floors, mechanical parts and particularly dirty metal surfaces.

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