Teknobond PTFE



Guarantees an incredible long-lasting shine.
Forms a film which guarantees care and protection.
Contains a combination of PFTE and reactive silicones.


Product Description

TEKNOBOND PTFE represents an important step forward in the care and protection of vehicles. It is a long-lasting polishing and protective treatment for vehicle bodywork which contains a unique combination of PTFE and reactive synergic silicones which guarantees results for at least 60 days. TEKNOBOND PFTE is the only product which synergically combines reactive silicone polymers with the properties of PTFE to reduce surface tension. It forms a film which guarantees care and protection. It protects the vehicle from atmospheric agents, it provides shine, aids drying and avoids the adhesion of dirt to bodywork and glass. It guarantees “easy to clean” properties, facilitating the removal of insects and bird excrement from bodywork. Further applications of TEKNOBOND PTFE will reinforce protection and duration over time. Leaves a pleasant fragrance of green apple in the air.

Automatic car washes: dose 40-60 ml per vehicle, spray the watery solution evenly over the entire vehicle before the final waxing and drying stage.
Manual car washing: dilute 50 ml of product in an 8-10 litre watering can and apply evenly over the entire vehicle. Rinse and dry.
Self-service bays: use in place of wax. Dose 30-50 ml per vehicle, distributing over the entire body. Rinse with demineralized water.
Using TEKNOBOND PTFE once a month guarantees a visible improvement in the shine and finish of the vehicle, as well as an increased flow of water both over bodywork and the windscreen.

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