Skin Pronto Uso



Releases a mild citrus fragrance.
Removes greasy and oily dirt.
Ideal in the kitchen environment and in the food industry.


Product Description

For the cleaning of dirty food fats in kitchen environment and in food industry it is necessary to use a specific product able to eliminate stains and oil residues, animal and vegetable fats and various kinds of food residues. SKIN PRONTO USO is a powerful, controlled foam, degreasing liquid detergent capable of removing any stain, even the most stubborn, from steel, plastic and fabric surfaces. Given its peculiarity of being an all-purpose detergent, it is also ideal for removing all types of dirt from any surface such as plastic, rubber, synthetic leather, as well as hard or painted surfaces in all industry sectors. Leaves behind a delicate citrus fragrance.

Spray on the surface to be cleaned. If necessary, leave on a few moments. Rub with a cloth or sponge, then rinse.
In order to guarantee the best results, it is necessary to pay close attention to contact times.

Additional information