4 Lav Popmusk / Popflower / Popfresh



t restores elasticity and softness to the fibers.
New technology with microencapsulated.
White musk/ Pure fresh / Orchid fragrance.

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Product Description

In order to obtain a fragrant and soft laundry, it is recommended to use a fabric conditioner, washing adjuvant, during the rinsing phase. 4 LAV restores elasticity and softness to the fibers. It facilities traditional and mangle ironing in addition to having an antistatic effect. Suitable for every kind of fabric but irreplaceable on wool and delicate fabrics. The new “long-lasting” white musk fragrance will offer to your clothes a pleasant floral fragrance also after ironing at high temperatures. The new 4LAV line uses microencapsulation in order to increase the persistence over time of the fragrances present in the fabric conditioner. The microcapsule withstands high temperatures of washing machine, the stress of centrifuge and drying

Add 5-10g (per kg of dry linen) onto the water during the final rinse. It is recommended to use only during the rising phase, do not pour directly
on linen.

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