Your customers know it: the hygiene of garments and personal accessories is fundamental to avoid bacterial growth, and a smelly item is never pleasant to wear.
Allegrini introduces Sani-Helmet, a new business opportunity, which offers a useful and innovative service to all those who want to sanitize items of all sorts that every day get I touch with our skin: helmets, bags, items of clothing, boxing gloves, shoes, slippers, etc.
Internationally patented machine. High quality, realized in collaboration with A.D. Produzione, one of the best builders of carwash professional accessories 100% Made in Italy, guaranteed by the CE mark. Innovative design, thanks to the lack of corners and the rubber support there is no risk to scratch and spoil the item. It works with tokens and/or coins YOU DECIDE THE PRICE!

SANI-HELMET acts through a sanitizing action in just 3 minutes and a half with Fog Sanitizer, a sanitizing product studied in Allegrini research and development laboratory.
It avoids smells caused by bacterial formation, leaving accessories, garments and training shoes perfectly dry and immediately wearable.

Its use is particularly suitable for all the business of motorbikes and sports equipment rental (light shoes, boots, bowling shoes); carwashes and self-service washing, go-kart tracks, but also gyms, swimming pools and sports environments in general.

IDEAL FOR every type of helmet: bicycles, motorbikes, scooters, go-karts, ski, etc.