Self-shining polymeric wax.
Extremely resistant to foot traffic.
Easy to apply and maintain.


Product Description

The long-lasting protection of flooring which is subject to heavy foot traffic is a very present necessity, not only for large-scale commercial activities. TERALUX is a self-shining and self-levelling wax with an acrylic polymer and polyethylene wax base, specifically for the efficient and long-lasting protection of floors subject to intense foot traffic. It is characterised by a long-lasting effect, an even aspect, high shine and elevated anti-slip properties. It is simple to apply and is easily restored and re-shined with a singlebrush machine at low and high speeds. Highly resistant to scratches, black marks and penetration of dirt, it allows the reduction of maintenance to a minimum. Particularly recommended on floors in rubber, linoleum, non-leadpolished marble, marble chip and all porous surfaces in general.

Firstly, accurately clean and/or de-wax the surface to be treated. Spread a uniform layer of wax using a mop, cloth or wax spreader. Wait for at least 60 minutes (according to environmental conditions) for the product to dry perfectly. Apply a second layer of TERALUX, taking care to cross the direction of the first layer. Leave to dry completely before walking on treated surfaces.
For the daily cleaning of surfaces treated with TERALUX, we suggest neutral detergents.
For special maintenance with the Spray Buffing method, restoration of shine and elimination of signs of foot traffic, use a 20% solution of TERALUX.

Additional information