Teknodry Fruits Dream



Brightening-hydrophobic wax for vehicle drying.
Forms a protective layer over bodywork which brings shine to the paintwork.
Releases a unique fragrance of red fruits.


Product Description

In order to obtain the best results, the drying of a vehicle after cleaning operations is an essential stage. TEKNODRY FRUITS DREAM is an innovative brightening-hydrophobic wax for the drying of vehicles after the wash stage in automatic systems fitted with forced ventilation. Ideal for waxing/drying stages in self-service areas. Releases a unique fragrance of red fruits. Correctly dosed and sprayed onto the bodywork of a previouslywashed vehicle, it allows the instant break-up of the water layer into drops which are easily eliminated by forced ventilation. It forms an invisible, non-greasy layer on the bodywork which is highly protective and hydrorepellent and which brings shine to the bodywork.

For systems fitted with electronic dosing pumps: use the wax neat. Set drawing to between 20 and 30 ml of Teknodry Fruits Dream per vehicle. Car washes with Venturi-type dosing systems: dilute Teknodry Fruits Dream to 5% with water (0.5 litres of product for every 10 litres of water). Set drawing to a dosage of approximately 400/600 ml of wax for every wash cycle. In Self-Service areas: set drawing of Teknodry Fruits Dream to approximately 15/25 ml for each waxing cycle.

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