Super DF 2



A highly concentrated product.
Effective against the most stubborn dirt.
Ideal for the cleaning of trucks and cars


Product Description

SUPER DF 2 is a highly-concentrated foaming alkaline detergent which is effective against stubborn dirt on vehicle bodywork and truck tarpaulins. Excellent for the cleaning of tankers. The product is in two phases in its concentrated state, but is homogeneous in dilution.

The container with the product should be shaken well before each extraction, in order to blend the two phases and therefore extract a balanced quantity of surfactants and the other components of the detergent. USE WITH A SPRAY: dilute in a ratio from 1:30 to 1:80. Spray the solution on dry surfaces, leave to act for a few moments, and then rinse thoroughly with high-pressure water. USE IN A HIGH-PRESSURE WATER JET: dilute in ratios between 1:20 and 1:30. When the foam begins to come out of the nozzle, proceed with washing and then rinse thoroughly.
When cleaning bodywork, it is advisable to work in the shade and on cool surfaces. Rinse the product quickly to avoid the drying of the product on the cleaned surface. Do not leave the product in contact with aluminium or light alloys in order to avoid staining and opacity. Respect the indicated levels of dilution and do not leave in excessive contact with surfaces.

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