Stoffinet Spray



Foaming detergent for the cleaning of fabric and carpet.
It leaves easily absorbing residues.
It slows down the dirt deposit.


Product Description

The car internals cleaning usually requires a complicated process to accomplish with appropriated equipment.
STOFFINET SPRAY is a foaming detergent for the cleaning of fabrics and carpet. It cleans in an exemplary way, leaving dry and not hygroscopic residues that are easily removable, then ensuring the best cleaning result. Leaves a protective patina on the treated fabric that slows down the dirt deposit.
STOFFINET SPRAY is ideal for every type of fabrics, carpets, coatings, cars, trucks and busses seats, etc.

Shake the can before the use and spray from a distance of 15-20 cm, uniformly covering the treated surface. Wipe crosswise with a sponge or a brush in order to let the foam absorbing and make it active on dirt. Let it dry and draw or brush. It is possible to clean 20m² of surface with a can.
It is not recommended to let the stain dry. Act immediately with STOFFINET SPRAY.

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