Stoffinet Spray



Foaming detergent for the cleaning of all kinds of fabric and carpet.
Leaves a dry residue which is easily removed.
Slows the re-depositing of dirt.


Product Description

The cleaning of fabrics often entails a complex process with the use of special equipment.
STOFFINET SPRAY is a foaming detergent for the cleaning of all kinds of fabric and carpet. It cleans perfectly, leaving a dry, non-hygroscopic residue which is easily removed or vacuumed, guaranteeing the best possible cleaning results. It leaves a protective film in treated fabrics which slows the redepositing of dirt.
STOFFINET SPRAY is ideal for various types of fabric: armchairs, sofas, carpets and coverings.

Shake the can before use and spray from a distance of approximately 15-20 cm, evenly covering the surface to be treated. spread with a sponge or brush in a cross movement in order to allow the foam to be absorbed and rendered active on the dirt. Wait for the product to dry and vacuum or brush. One can is sufficient to clean approximately 20 m2.
It is recommended to not allow the stain to dry for too long before applying STOFFINET SPRAY.

Additional information