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Product for the cleaning of very dirty paving.
Returns surfaces to their original condition.
Maintains the anti-slip effect of treated paving.


Product Description

The effect of atmospheric agents and dirt deposits on porous surfaces such as stoneware and stone or porphyry paving can cause discolouration as well as the formation of a slippery patina. For the special cleaning of very dirty paving, Allegrini proposes SP MAIN, a detergent for the deep-down cleaning of paving in contact with water (swimming pools, saunas, showers, beauty farms).
Used together with SP CLEAN it guarantees the restoration of surfaces which have been subject to atmospheric agents and all kinds of dirt deposits over long periods of time, returning them to their original condition. The product is applied with a low pressure spray and brushed over the surface to remove various types of dirt.
SP MAIN preserves the anti-slip properties of the surface without altering either the structure or the aspect of the tiles, and without damaging the underlayer or the fixing agent.
Ideal for hotels, restaurants, spas and sport centres.

For best results, dilute the product from 10% to 50% in water according to the quantity of dirt to remove. The product must be applied to dry surfaces. Wet the area to be treated and brush for a few minutes with the machine fitted with a black/green disc and leave the solution on for another 10 minutes. Remove the excess product with a wet vacuum and rinse the surface with cold water, preferably with a high-pressure jet. Repeat if necessary.
In case of the presence of both dirt and large quantities of limescale, mix SP MAIN with SP CLEAN in a ratio of 20/80 up to 50/50 and apply to the dry surface.
The use of SP MAIN is not recommended for surfaces with low resistance to acidity such as marble, concrete, wood and metal.

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