Splendo Polvere



Ensures clean and shining dishware.
Reduces product waste.
With a delicate citrus fragrance.


Product Description

The manual washing of dishware, pans and other accessories is a daily necessity, especially in the restaurant sector. Obtain the best possible results with an effective product is very important.
SPLENDO POLVERE is an alkaline detergent with anionic surfactants in powder form which offers elevated emulsifying and dispersive properties for dirt. It has elevated degreasing properties and these characteristics are not altered by the hardness of the mains water. It is also effective in cold water. It can be used for the manual washing of dishware, glasses, knives, crockery, containers and utensils in the food sector.

The recommended dose for 10 litres of water: With soft water, 0 – 15°F, 20/30 g of product. With water of average hardness 15-25°F, 40/50 g of product. With hard water, >25°F, 50/60 g of product.
N.B.: 20 grams of the product are equivalent to approximately half a glass Rinse after washing.
Pour a dose of SPLENDO POLVERE in preferably hot water, mix well to facilitate dissolving and the formation of foam.

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