Skin NP



Liquid detergent with elevated cleaning properties.
Ideal on a very wide range of surfaces.
Does not contain fragrance.


Product Description

Guaranteeing the best cleaning results in a practical and efficient manner is one of the principal requirements of many cleaning companies and activities in general.
SKIN NP is a low-viscosity, controlled foaming liquid detergent with a high level of cleaning power. It removes all stains, even the most stubborn, guaranteeing impeccable results.
The special formula renders this product universal, ideal for a vast range of surfaces such as plastic, rubber, eco-leather, hard, painted and metal surfaces.
The absence of fragrance in the formulation of SKIN NP renders this product ideal for cleaning in kitchens and the food industry sector.

Dilution for normal levels of dirt: 2%-6% (20-60 ml of product per litre of water) Dilution for stubborn dirt: 10%-50% (100-500 ml of product per litre of water) Apply with a spray, sponge or cloth. Wait a few moments. Rinse with water.
If used neat, avoid contact with aluminum and aluminum alloy surfaces.

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