Skin AL



Effective for the elimination of stubborn dirt and stains of various types.
Does not contain strong alkalis.
Particularly suitable for surfaces in aluminum and light alloys.


Product Description

The degreasing of surfaces in aluminium and light alloys requires the use of products which are capable of preserving their shine without causing damage. SKIN AL is a multi-purpose detergent for all washable surfaces, which is characterised by a carefully balanced blend of surfactants and delicate organic solvents. Does not contain strong alkalis. Particularly suitable for aluminium air filters, extractor hoods, slicers and furnishings in light alloy. Thanks to its versatility, it is a single product which resolves many cleaning problems. It can be used on plastic laminates, Formica, vinyl, synthetic resins, pvc, plastic materials in general, wood, stainless steels, brass, copper, bronze, marble, ceramics, tiled surfaces in general, glass and painted surfaces. Highly effective for the elimination of stubborn dirt and various kinds of stain. It dilutes immediately in water, is easy to rinse and does not leave residue or streaks.

For stubborn dirt, use the product neat, spray on the surface to be cleaned, wait for a few minutes, then brush or scrub with a cloth and then rinse. For normal dirt, dilute the product from 5% to 10%. If SKIN AL is diluted to less than 4%, it requires no rinsing. For polished and lacquered surfaces, mirrors and glass, dilute to 1%.
SKIN AL is ideal in all situations where the use of an excessively alkaline product risks damaging the underlayer.

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