Efficiently removes greasy and oily substances.
Does not damage materials.
Low odor and irritant properties.

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Product Description

The removal of greasy and oily substances often requires valid and safe alternatives to chlorine solvents. SICURSOL is a product specially formulated to respond to these requirements by offering an effective and safe alternative to chlorine solvents generally used in the industrial and artisan sectors.
The main advantages and characteristics are: positive degreasing capabilities, average evaporation times, does not damage materials, dries without leaving a residue, low odor and irritant properties, high flash point.
SICURSOL efficiently removes the animal, vegetable and mineral fats, drawing compounds, oils for the working of metals and protective waxes from painted surfaces and surfaces in ferrous metal, aluminum and copper alloys, steel, glass, ceramics, plastics, etc.

SICURSOL has been created to be used neat, in degreasing operation either in immersion basins or sprayed, and for simple cleaning with a brush or cloth. No rinsing required.
Drying times in industrial applications can be reduced with forced air, preferably warm.

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