Disinfectant detergent (Medical and Surgical Product as per Health Ministry Reg. no. 18662)
Its hydroalcoholic formula allows it to dry quickly.
Can be used on any material.


Product Description

During the day, it’s not always possible to find the time to devote to the hygiene of surfaces, machinery or accessories. SANDIK is a ready to use disinfectant detergent for hard surfaces.
Its hydroalcoholic combination of detergent and disinfectant active ingredients is specially formulated for the rapid and targeted disinfection treatment of hard metal, painted, tiled, glass, plastic, plexiglass and wood surfaces.
Compliant with HACCP protocol requirements, this product is ideal for handling fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, sales counters and slicers.
Allows the exterior surfaces of machinery in food preparation and cooking areas to be disinfected effectively in addition to worktops, tables, spas beds, handles, combs, desks, telephones and much more.

Ready to use product. Remove any coarse dirt. Spray SANDIK on surfaces to be cleaned and leave on a few seconds. Wipe with a cloth or disposable towel to dry surfaces. After the treatment, rinse with water the surfaces that come in contact with food.
SANDIK can also be used for the rapid cleansing and disinfection of medical examination tables, gym equipment and the screens of tanning lamps. Ideal for the frequent and rapid cleansing and disinfection of surfaces. Integrates routine cleaning and disinfection procedures, offering greater security for the reduction of microbial contamination.

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