A medical surgical disinfecting detergent according to Regulation of the Ministry of Health
Can be used on any material.
Dries quickly as it is hydro-alcoholic.


Product Description

SANDIK is a ready-to-use disinfecting detergent for hard surfaces. Its hydro-alcoholic combination of cleaning-disinfecting active ingredients is specifically for the rapid and targeted disinfecting of metal, painted, tiled, glass, plastic, plexiglass, and wooden surfaces. SANDIK is a product suitable for HACCP protocol, therefore ideal for the processing of fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, sales counters, slicers, etc. It permits an effective disinfecting action of the external areas of machinery placed in food preparation and cooking areas, as well as work areas and tables.
TEST OF EFFECTIVENESS Quality test on non-porous surfaces for the evaluation of the bactericidal activity in accordance with procedure UNI EN 13697:2001

Ready-to-use product. Removes any dirt. Spray SANDIK on surfaces to be cleaned and leave for a few seconds. Wipe with a cloth or disposable paper towel until the surface is dry. For surfaces which come into contact with foods, after the treatment described above, rinse the treated surface with water.
Ideal for frequent and rapid cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces. It integrates standard cleaning and disinfecting procedures, allowing increased security in the reduction of microbial contamination.

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