Rapid X3



Ideal for the cleaning and degreasing of engines and mechanical parts.
Free of petroleum solvents.
Does not damage aluminum and light alloys.

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Product Description

The removal of greasy and oily substances from engines and mechanical parts can prove difficult, if not with the right product.
RAPID X3 is a concentrated water-based liquid product, for the cleaning of the engine block and compartment. Formula free from hydrocarbon solvents, non-flammable, characterized by a high level of biodegradability and low toxicity. Safe to use and easy to rinse.

The ideal dilution is one part product to three parts of water. Evenly wet the engine and engine compartment (including the underside of the bonnet) with a spray or spray gun. Wait for 2-3 minutes and then rinse with a high-pressure water jet, preferably at high temperature.
Alternatively, the product can be used for heated direct drawing with a high-pressure water jet; in this case, a dilution of approximately one liter of product to 10/15 liters of water is recommended.
It is advisable to not allow the product to dry on painted surfaces. Use when possible in the shade.

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