Pure Air Spray



Removes germs and bacteria from vehicle air conditioning systems.
Eliminates unpleasant odours from air conditioning systems.
Leaves behind a pleasant clean scent in the vehicle.


Product Description

Over time, the formation of micro-organisms in the air conditioning filter can cause unpleasant odours and the creation of an unhealthy environment inside a vehicle. Particularly in periods of hot weather, the condensation which forms in the air conditioning filter favours bacterial growth, the main cause of unpleasant odours. To combat this problem, Allegrini proposes Pure Air Spray, the sanitising deodorant ideal for the removal of germs and bacteria and the sanitisation of vehicle air conditioning systems. Pure Air Spray eliminates unpleasant odours from the air conditioning system, leaving behind a pleasant clean scent in the vehicle. It is quick and easy to use, particularly recommended for use in spring, before the period of reactivation of the system.

Start the vehicle engine and activate the air conditioning, selecting the highest fan speed and the air recycle function. Check that the windows are closed, place the can upright on the passenger side mat, and firmly press the self-locking spray button. Get out of the vehicle, close the door and wait for the can to empty. Wait a further 10/15 minutes, then open the vehicle, paying attention not to smoke or use naked flames. Switch off the air conditioning and the engine, and leave the vehicle to air for 10 minutes.
In order to eliminate bacteria, avoid its proliferation and guarantee the hygiene of the air conditioning system, it is recommended to use PURE AIR SPRAY at least three times a year.

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