Primagel Plus



Disinfectant (Medical and Surgical Product as per Health Ministry Reg. no. 18761).
Guarantees safe disinfection against viruses and bacteria.
Dries quickly, leaving hands fresh and soft.


Product Description

PRIMAGEL PLUS is a transparent, dermatologically tested disinfectant gel. This is a Medical and Surgical Product for instant hand hygiene; its bactericidal action ensures safe disinfection from viruses and bacteria that often can easily be transmitted through contact with people and all types of objects. Its effectiveness has long been confirmed by numerous certifications:
EN 1650 DISINFECTION Action – Test Biolab S.p.A.
EN 1500 BACTERICIDAL Action – Test Biolab S.p.A.
EN 14476 HIV VIRUCIDAL – POLIOVIRUS Action – SARS – Test San Raffaele
EN 1499 HYGIENIC HANDRUB Approval – Test Biolab S.p.A.
The new EN-12791 SURGICAL HAND DISINFECTION approval obtained by Primagel Plus makes this product suitable for use in the operating room as required by World Health Organization guidelines. Stability tests ensure that, after 36 months, no appreciable changes are detected in the product’s standard physical and chemical properties.

Dispense the gel into your palm. Rub the hands together briskly to distribute the product to every part of the hands: palm, back of the hand, between the fingers and nails. For best results, rub vigorously for at least 15 seconds. If necessary, repeat the operation.

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