Pralux Lucidante Protettivo



Express application without leaving marks.
It ensures an extraordinary long lasting polishing effect.
Guaranteed protection for over 30 days


Product Description

After the washing step, also our cars need to receive a beauty treatment, which guarantees a long-lasting effect. Unfortunately, conventional or old-style waxes can leave on car bodies residues hard to remove. PRALUX LUCIDANTE PROTETTIVO is a liquid wax specially formulated for ensuring an extraordinary manual finishing. The innovative formulation, containing carnauba wax, in the practical size with a trigger, ensures a super-fast application with the minimal effort, giving in a few minutes an extraordinary long-lasting polishing effect and a perfect light point. It forms a durable water-repellent protective film on the car body, favoring the sliding of water; protecting it from the humidity, smog, and atmospheric agents action, preventing dirt from settling again. It does not leave halos, even in case of contact with the glass. It is ideal for the car body treatment, it ensures an outstanding effect even on the seals, bringing them to their original appearance. It releases into the environment a pleasant smell of sea breeze. PRALUX regular use helps to maintain an extraordinary shine and protection of cars, motorcycles, and scooter for over 30 days.

PRALUX LUCIDANTE PROTETTIVO is ready to use product, thanks to the trigger already applied to the bottle. Spray it on the surface that has to be treated without exceeding the dose. Wipe with a microfiber cloth. Be sure to use a dry cloth, change it if necessary.
In order to ensure the best result, it is recommended to carry out this treatment after every wash. It is ideal for the new and old cars, vintage cars, motorcycles, and scooter finishing touch, jet ski, in exhibition in showrooms.

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