Pasta Abrasiva & Lucidante


It removes sanding-signs, scratches, gelcoat oxidations.
It is indicated for quick use without water.
It is ideal for every kind of gelcoats.

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Product Description

ALLEGRINI PASTA ABRASIVA & LUCIDANTE is a mordant abrasive paste formulated with innovative row materials, for the rapid removal of varnish defects, such as sanding-signs, scratches, gelcoat oxidations. It is studied and formulated for a rapid and clean use without water, and it is ideal for every kind of gelcoats, especially for those of boats and yachts. The product does not simply conceal imperfections, scratches, and holograms with cosmetic oils, but it eliminates them once and for all. The results are immediately visible. It does not contain silicons. It is not irritating, not harmful, and not inflammable.

To obtain the best results, use the product in combination with the WHITE pad at variable contact, or with the YELLOW one for a more abrasive action. Shake the bottle very well before using it. Put a small quantity of ALLEGRINI PASTA ABRASIVA & LUCIDANTE on the surface to be treated or directly on the pad. Wipe it well and start with the polishing at medium-speed (1200/1800 revs), applying medium pressure. Operate on small areas at a time. Then reduce the pressure to increase the polishing action. After the polishing, remove eventual residues with the microfiber cloth.

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