Paragel SB



High-performance antifreeze.
With anti-corrosive properties.
Also ideal for vehicles destined for commercial transportation.

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Product Description

PARAGEL SB, a concentrated antifreeze liquid for the preparation of specific antifreeze and anti-corrosion solutions particularly suited to closed circuits in aluminum and alloys, is an ideal product all year round, and essential for the winter months. It has a glycol and corrosion-inhibitor based formula which is free of nitrates and amines, phosphates and borates. It protects metal parts in cooling systems from corrosion, it prolongs the lifetime of rubber parts and avoids the formation of foam and incrustations. Paragel SB is a latest-generation formula which belongs to the category of refrigerants recognized by the initials OAT (Organic Acid/Additive Technology): ideal for the protection of modern vehicles which are also destined for commercial transportation. It contains corrosion inhibitors based on completely neutralized organic acids and azoles.

Concerning the desired freezing point, refer to the Technical Sheet to the dilution table on page 4.
With dilutions of less than 20%, the corrosion-inhibiting action could prove unsatisfactory.

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