Easy to use.
It protects the wood from bad weather and harmful agents.
It preserves the natural beauty of wood.

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Product Description

The teak is the most common wood used in the nautical sector thanks to its strength, durability, flexibility and, last but not least, for its beauty. In the course of time, the teak is subject to gradually turn grey, losing its splendid natural color. The rain mixed with dust and UV rays causes the progressive fibers’ oxidation. P93 teak oil is a mixture of oils in water, added with resins of technical value, for the treatment of wooden supports. It is easy to use, not grease and it deeply penetrates. Thanks to its special UV filters, it preserves the natural beauty of the wood.

Mix and shake well before use. It can be applied by spray, roller or brush. Before starting, it is recommended to remove the dust from the support. After the variable period of 4-6 hour, due to the temperature and the type of treated wood, it is suggested to sand lightly the surface with a sandpaper grit 220-240. Then proceed with a second application.
It is recommended to keep the packaging closed, in the warehouse, at ambient temperature.

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