It creates a high-performance oleo/hydro repellent film.
It facilitates the following cleaning operations.
It maintains anti-stain properties for a long time.


Product Description

The highly absorbent characteristic of fabric surfaces often leads to problems and complications in the removal of dirt and stains which often require time and money to remove. P70 TEXTILE PROTECTOR is a penetrating anti-stain, oil- and water repellent product for fabrics in general such as sofas, carpets, and fabric furnishings in general, equipment (tents, umbrellas), shoes, technical sportswear, mattresses, and carpeted surfaces.
A colorless product which penetrates deeply into the fibres, creating an invisible protective film which maintains long-lasting anti-stain properties. Does not prevent transpiration, does not yellow, is resistant to UV radiation. A ready-to-use product which is easy to apply. Treated materials perfectly maintain the original appearance of the surface.

Ready-to-use product. Work on previously cleaned and dried surfaces. Spray the product undiluted onto fabric and leave to dry. The average recommended dose is approximately 10-15 ml/square meter. Dosage may vary according to the absorbency of the fabric to be treated.
In order to guarantee the best possible protection for treated surfaces, it is advisable to repeat the operation regularly. The duration of the treatment varies from 6 months for items subject to intensive use, to 1 year. Resistance to washing: approximately 5 wash cycles with products that are not excessively alkaline and with temperatures no higher than 40°.

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