It creates a high-performance oleo/hydro repellent film.
It maintains anti-stain properties for a long time.
It facilitates the cleaning operations.


Product Description

The high absorbing capability of fabric surfaces often it involves issues and complications in the removal of dirt and stains that usually requires a waste of time and money. P70 TEXTILE PROTECTOR is an anti-stain impregnating product, oleohydro repellent for fabrics in general, and it is particularly indicated for fabric internals of cars and hoods. Colourless product that deeply penetrates into fibres, creating a protective and invisible film that maintains anti-stains proprieties for long time. It does not prevent perspiration, it does not tinge with yellow and it resists UV rays. Ready-to-use product, easy to apply. The treated materials perfectly maintain the original aspect of the surface.

Ready-to-use product. Operate on already cleaned and dried surfaces. After nebulizing the product on the surface to be treated at about 20 cm of distance, use the hand (wearing gloves) to spread homogenously the product, then leave drying. The recommended average dosage is about 15-20 ml/m². The dosage could be changed due to the absorbing power of the fabric to be treated.
In order to ensure the maximum protection on surfaces to be treated, it is recommended to act periodically. The duration of the treatment changes from 6 months (if the use is intensive) to 1 year

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